DSA Equipment Suppliers

DSA Equipment and software suppliers


Microlink PC

Based in Southhampton, they specialise in the supply of computer hardware, software and other specialised equipment to support students with disabilities

Northants Computer Service

Based in Kettering and Market Harborough. They build and sell their own computer systems, are fully DSA-QAG accredited and have been supplying PC’s, Laptops and other associated equipment to DSA students since 2003.

MKC Computers

Based in Cambridge, they are a DSA-QAG accredited “one stop shop” providing a wide range of DSA equipment and training.

Avantec PC Products

Based in Leicesterershire. Their on site warranty offers a next day callout which claims a better than 94% first-time fix.

Hagger Electronics UK

A Hertfordshire company that specialises in electronic disability products. They supply a wide range of tape recorders, mini disc recorders, digital recorders and microphones and other electric items, including hearing loops

The Osmond Group

They supply a range of ergonomic equipment including chairs. They have a good posture pack for assessors.

Home Working Solutions

This site offers a range of office furniture and and acessories suitable for people with disabilities and advice on ergonomic ways of working.


For ergonomic stuff and things which make it easier to use computers.


This company has representatives through the UK and provides a range of chairs, workstation accessories and othe ergonomic supports for disabled students

Tieman UK

A company specialising in products for blind and visually impaired people. They supply purpose-designed equipment for people with sight difficulties, including CCTV electronic magnifiers, Braille displays, and computers with adaptive screen access software

RNIB on-line shop for the blind

The RNIB have an on-line shop which sells a range of products and publications for blind and visually impaired people.

Connevans on-line shop for the deaf

Connevans have an on-line shop supplying specialist equipment for the deaf including radio aids, caption readers for videocassette players and loop aplifier systems.

Panilet Tables

This is a Bristol firm that provide a range of adjustable hight desks and computer workstations

Overbed Table Suppliers

These are links to a number of companies that can supply overbed tables so that disabled students can study and use laptops whilst propped up in bed.


Maltron Keyboards

Supplier of various configurations of keyboards including left or right hand keybaords and head or mouth stick keyboards


Suppliers of disability technology and software and ergonomic aids.Based in cambridge.


On-line suppliers of a range of rehabilitation equipment for the disabled



Home help and medical equipment suppliers

Quite useful for pencil grips and ring pens.


Supplier of computers and technology for people with disabilities. They provide free training for DSA Assessors

Voice Recognition .com

Useful review of compatibility of various digital recorders with Dragon Naturally Speaking

Magnifiers for low vision

Suppliers of low vision magnification aids



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